Guidelines on comments

You can comment on all Finnair blog posts.

We publish all short comments, up to around 200 words in length, related to the original text of the blog.

We only publish comment submitted under your own name. We do not collect or pass on contact information to third parties.

Adding a comment

Add your comment by clicking the ‘Submit Comment’ button below the blog.

Write your full name (first name and surname) and e-mail address in the indicated fields of the ‘Leave a Reply’ form.

Please check that the e-mail address is written correctly, we will contact you if your comment cannot for some reason be published.

Send your comment by clicking the ‘Submit Comment’ button at the bottom of the message form.

Reading comments

Comments are displayed in time order below the blog post.

Monitoring messages

The writer of a comment is responsible for his or her message and its content.

The main principle of commenting is that all comments are published, as the content does not violate the law or good practice. We do not publish comments that

  • put forward racist or inappropriate views
  • urge violence or criminal behaviour
  • mass-post speeches or statements
  • present illegal or offensive material
  • publish personal information of private individuals
  • publish copyright-protected material
  • link to unsuitable material elsewhere on the internet, to anonymously produced content or discussion boards.
  • market or advertise a product or service
  • SHOUT, namely misuse capital letters and text formatting functions

Comments are monitored and published during weekdays by Finnair Corporate Communications (comms (at)

Hope to hear from you!