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In this blog we discuss travel, safety and environmental issues from Finnair’s perspective. We aim at providing you with useful information, insights about aviation and something to keep you entertained, too. All comments are more than welcome, so please drop us a line!


Finnair is one of the world’s oldest operating airlines. We are proud to offer the fastest and most convenient gateway between Europe and Asia, via Helsinki.

Finnair connects 10 major capitals in Asia to a network of 60 European destinations. We operate one of Europe’s youngest and most eco-efficient fleets and are a member of the oneworld alliance. As a forerunner in quality and regularity, we will get you to places punctually.

Finnair is able to offer the shortest and fastest flight connections between Europe and Asia due to the geographical location of Helsinki on the great circle route between the continents. Taking the short route via the uncongested Helsinki-Vantaa airport represents an environmentally positive choice.

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