Take-off to Bollywood!

I was just enjoying a bit of a foray into the internet and social media world when, suddenly, a greeting flashed up at the bottom of my screen. “Moi,” it said. The word, “hi” was thoroughly Finnish but spoken by a former member of our cabin crew from Mumbai.

We said a quick hello and compared our rosters. I had a spell of no shifts coming up, marked with a long row of OFFs on my roster. “Wow, take off and come here. Stay with us and do a course or volunteer or something. Too many offs doesn`t suit you!” he replied.

His reply made me smile and reminded me of something an Indian acquaintance once said about his home country; Indians might be separated by a multitude of languages and culinary traditions, but one thing they all have in common is the warmth of their hospitality. I thought that was beautifully put.

The idea began to grow wings and our messages were rapidly flying back and forth across the information highway. I nodded and shook my head in proper Indian style to express my enthusiasm as I listened to my friend talk about the unifying impact of Bollywood on the Indian nation. We also discussed the role of dance as a shared global language. I didn’t voice my suspicion that we reserved Finns might well find it easier to master Hindi and Marathi than to get our hips moving.

As our flurry of communications began to wind down and I had a chance to draw breath, I suddenly recognised what I was feeling – it was most definitely a strong sense of joy. An emotion that is rarely associated with either of our countries, but is demonstrably very much alive in both.

And there we had it, a Finnish-Indian, or should I say Findian, grand plan and instead of a row of OFFs, my roster now said “Take-off to Bollywood!”.

Before my keyboard had a chance to cool down, I phoned a colleague who is familiar with the company slogan “Designed for you”, but who also has a genuine love for everything home-made, hand-made and genuine. Under these values, we brought together a group of colleagues, even drafting in a pilot, and set about turning that plan into reality on flight AY 021 Helsinki to Delhi. All sorts of funny things happened on our spontaneous trip but that is a whole other story.

Today, the 26th of January, is the Republic Day of India and we were extremely happy to Bolly through the woods to send you our greeting with respect and joy to spend this special day with you all over India!

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  1. […] In line with the company slogan ‘Designed for you’, Finnair has hit the right cord to connect with Indians using Bollywood and dance, both of which are deeply embedded in our nation. It is kind of adorable when blond flight attendants sing and dance to Bollywood tunes. The brand not only wins some brownie points by way of cultural bonding but also positions itself as a fun brand. This can be seen from the long train of comments on the posted video. I have always believed in the power of blogs. Blogs are the best medium to help you tell your story and Finnair has a beautiful blog that does it well. You can read more about how the idea came along and how they went about executing it here. […]

  2. You know, I almost skipped over watching the video portion of this article. That would have been a mistake! I loved it! I would love to be on a flight and members of the airline come on board and perform like that. That was such a great gesture to your Indian customers. I have never seen anything such as this done before. I wish your airline provided service in the United States, I would only fly with Finnair.

  3. When I saw this video going viral on Facebook, I was skeptical of its authenticity. Apparently I was wrong. For an airline to reach out and do this, it is very touching (for me at least).

    While I do have feedback on the choice of song for the occasion, I will ignore it for now as I am totally aware that this kind of an event does not materialize overnight and the planning and preparation was evident in the video … Through all of this, I feel the sentiments of your gesture which warmed the cockles of my heart today.

    You have won me over for now and burned a rightful spot in my brand-crowded memory! Kudos for using such a simple and enjoyable approach …

  4. Swarup Patro wrote on :

    Great cultural sensitivity shown by you guys at Finnair. watching this video makes me think that I should have booked myself on Finnair instead of Lufthansa during my journey from MXP to DEL.

    I love the gesture.

  5. Rupsha Leeds wrote on :

    that was so seriously awesome. I m in New Delhi today and the song is so catchy..i ve saved it on my phone. This country sure loves its songs and dances. And a great gesture wh my Indian friends liked very very much. Could u pls tell us more abt how u prepared. I mean most said it looked authentic ..indian ..great job. Do u fly NY?love u. I got the song translated to english…

  6. Helena Kaartinen wrote on :

    What can we say to you all now?
    At the moment our smiles are even bigger than in video. If
    We made it with big heart and we are very happy to see
    that your hearts are as big!

    Thank you with warm thaughts!
    On behalf of the whole team Helena

  7. Sandy England wrote on :

    Great positive publicity & loads of brownie points from all Indians & fun loving people around the globe.

    Slightly ironic that AY has paid tribute to Bollywood but doesnt actually fly to the home of Bollywood – Mumbai (Bombay).

    Pls Finnair restart your flights to Mumbai, it couldnt have been that bad.

  8. Great marketing opportunity, and more than 700k hits in 12 hours on youtube shows the power of internet. And imagine if it enables Finnair to convert some portion of 700k to be the loyal customers; that is a great deal at no expense. For sure I have gotten to be a fan of Finnair :-)

  9. I make atleast 1 international trip in two months and now I am flying finnair for sure…atleast some one is making an effort. I hate these other airlines who have their antique air fleet to ply on Indian routes.

    Great job guys!!

  10. Pamil Kohaar wrote on :

    Amazing, refreshing and very thoughtful !!! Impressed at how well it was choreographed in a cramped space. It truly seemed the dancers were enjoying themselves!!!

    Keep up the good Work!!!

  11. Sudhindra Nath Chatterjee wrote on :

    I visited Norway a couple of years back, on vacation and loved the rugged beauty of the country and the totally breathtaking fjords. The country may be cold and with parts above the Arctic Circle, but I was overall taken in by the friendliness of the folks we encountered there! This video just puts that country right up there in my mind as far as great countries are concerned. As the flood of appreciation shows, this warmed the cockles of many an Indian heart! Thank you!

  12. Truly goes to say that the airline is sensitive & cares about Indian sector. Even the crew was so enthusiastic about it, that it really showed. AMAZING EFFORTS!!

  13. Mark Willow wrote on :

    Absolute great! You could see how the joy comes from the hearts!

    To Sudhindra Nath Chatterjee above:
    Norway is beautiful country but Finnair comes from FINLAND! :)

  14. Rahul Arun Bagul wrote on :

    Thanks for providing this article and blog link on Youtube, when I first saw the video, It was not there, but I liked that enthu in finn staff members, and really liked it so much I am watching it again and again… Yes for the first time I saw I knew it will a instant hit, I requested and thanked all the crew members and especially the person who thot about it… we love u guyz for doing this… also I trid ro circulate in on internet through various social networking sites like Facebook… so its not only youtube now…its into countless numbers… Special Thanks to all the staff members and performers…We love you…

  15. Sonila Pokharia wrote on :

    Hey Finnair….Loved what you did on our Republic Day. The youtube link was posted on a friends facebook page and the minute I clicked the link, I started smiling. I fly very very frequently and I have seen a lot of disrespect that happens towards Indians, specially those who do not understand english. So this was a special and pleasant surprise!

    I dont know if I will get the chance to fly Finnair anytime soon, but I will remember this beautifull gesture for sure!

  16. Banu Moloney wrote on :

    Well done Finnair, a wonderful gesture towards peaceful coexistence in a multicultural world.
    Thank you for thinking outside the box!
    will definitely choose Finnair when i fly next

  17. Mitch Jacinto wrote on :

    Finnair family has touched the hearts of all Indians.
    Appreciate for u’r efforts & Thank you.
    Wished this idea had popped from an Indian Airline company BUT on the SECOND THOUGHT it doesn’t matter coz its u’r LOVE you’ll have showered on us and
    we are grateful to that. Whenever I get a chance I will make a point to FLY with FINNAIR. ;););)

  18. uday shankar wrote on :

    wow, what a nice gesture. I have not seen or heard of a company doing anything like this in a long time. and your dancing was great – you certainly have it in you!

  19. Just watching this made me feel so grateful..how i wish i was on that flight…will prefer Finnair, if i get a chance to choose, thank you so much Finnair..you really won our hearts..the team who performed rocks!!

  20. Priti Sharma wrote on :

    Incredible, shows ingenuity. What way to get millions of hits on youtube channel and winning over billion hearts in a day. All credit goes to Helen and her courage to do something different and really taking it to a level where she probably should get best marketer award of the year.
    Great cant stop watching it!

  21. Oh …I had just come across that wonderful video. My Toy Poodle watched it with me. It was so invigorating that I was wondering if an airline from the USA would do the same thing. It takes out the boredom of waiting to get to my destination. Please come to the southwest.

  22. I enjoyed this video so much, I replayed it countless times. What I liked most was its spontaneity, the unrehearsed setting and the unsuspecting audience. The effortless dance sequences performed by your Airline staff all desrve a role in a future Bollwwood movie. I have flown Finnair many times and would have loved to be on that Delhi-bound flight. Will there be a sequel?

  23. Shirish Joshi wrote on :

    You folks reached out the right way. This was more touching than a thousand ads. No second guesses for which airline I will look for next time i am in the air!

  24. What a fun way to begin a trip to India! Finnair – you should do this on all your flights to India, not just on Republic Day. Hats off the people who came up with the idea.

  25. Stranger from NY wrote on :

    Hello Helena,

    I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I found my way to your blog after clicking on the above video on a friend’s Facebook. I just wanted to say I read a few of your blog entries and really enjoyed them. Flight attendants sure have interesting jobs, and your writing is very good!

    Stranger from NY

  26. Prashant Sahay wrote on :

    novel idea..I loved the way you celebrated the Indian Republic Day…I am sure the passengers on board would have had the fantastice, unique and novel way of celebrating this most auspicious and important day. Heart Touchy! Truly home away from home! Inline with your punch line “Designed for You”..Looking forward to the customre of this esteemed service;..Goood luck..All the best…May you fly everywhere in India and the World!

  27. Speechless!!!! you guys have done a good job by performing this dance on your flight, as an Indian i am really feeling proud. really happy to see that other countries also respect our national days.

  28. VINIT KUMAR MATHUR wrote on :


  29. That was amazing!U won billion hearts!!Very sincere effort and beautifully done…the team who performed rocks!!Finair rocks!!!Special Thanks to all the staff members and performers…We love you…You Hit the Jackpot in marketing terms….that was excellent!!! amazing!!!

  30. Well done , a wonderfull idea ,a great marketing stratgey.It is almost on every social networking and being spread like a jungle fire. Rest assured , every indian who has got internet access will be watching this and will be in favour of travlling by FINAIR minus other perks. You made people to advertise for you a smart idea. You desrve bussines fom indian customres , you have won billion hearts.I am confident that you will uphold it. All the best

  31. You ppl are amazing, well done & thank you, you made me proud of being an Indian but importantly you made yourself very proud in recognising the Indian rep day. Thank you very much.. Will definately fly FinnAir… jai ho

  32. Parag Bhamre wrote on :

    Just one word to describe the gesture, “EXCELLENT”! Loved it and will definitely consider flying Finnair next time… With more than 1.5 Million hits on youtube in just 2 days you have surely won the hearts of millions of Indians… You rock! ;)

  33. I loved the video, especially the fact that a crew member joined in as well.
    It was so touching that an airline made such an effort to recognize India’s national holiday.
    Thanks to the Finnish person who came up with this idea.
    Ditching Lufthansa for Finnair :)
    I know which airline to choose for my next International trip.

  34. Farnaz Nanji wrote on :

    That’s an absolutely amazing way to delight all your passengers on board and of course, what’s more, you’ll have won the hearts of many Indians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After all, home is home and no matter, what it always brings a feeling of happiness to see our culture appreciated and enjoyed by foreigners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Flight Master wrote on :

    Dear Finnair!!

    Many thanks for the wonderful cultural bridge. I’ve never been to Finland or flown your airline (though we travel internationally quite a bit), but your gesture makes sure that I will try Finnair!

    Again, many thanks!
    Flight Master in Seattle

  36. Awesome,amazing and fantastic show. I am sure this is great promotional way of bringing Finland and Indian people together and more closer. I wish I was on that plane and appreciate in person to applaud this maveously done dance on the very popular song. Hat off to your staff for this entertainment. What a synchronization adoptability by non-Indian dancing staff. Sure music does not have any language. Thanks Finnair for cellebrating wth us on Indian Republic Day, and will look for your hospitality next time I get a chance to fly. My special thanks to Helena Kaartinen, Finnair Flight Staff for choreographing this.

    Shayar faer bola, “Tum iss chilmen sai jhanko, mein iss chilmen sai jhankoon, tum uss chilmen sai jhanko mein iss chilmen sai jhankoon”

    Pachai bathaya aadme dukhi ho leya, ar bola ke, “La duo aag iss chilmen main, naa tum jhanko na mein jahankoo!”

  37. I

    Awesome,amazing and fantastic show. I am sure this is great promotional way of bringing Finland and Indian people together and more closer. I wish I was on that plane and appreciate in person to applaud this maveously done dance on the very popular song. Hat off to your staff for this entertainment. What a synchronization adoptability by non-Indian dancing staff. Sure music does not have any language. Thanks Finnair for celebrating wth us on Indian Republic Day, and will look for your hospitality next time I get a chance to fly. My special thanks to Helena Kaartinen, Finnair Flight Staff for choreographing this.

  38. Meera Cheriyan wrote on :

    And to think not a single INDIAN airlne ever came up with something like this!

    FinnAir……. pllleeeezzz zfly form LAX to Mumbai or Bangalore!

  39. G. Rao (Indian descendant from Fiji now living in Australia) wrote on :

    Well Done Finnair- Great initiative. The team really did with heartfelt joy- its very obvious from the video. I will certainly fly Finnar next time I am in that region and recommend to others. I have sent link to many. Cheers.

  40. next time i fly fron the us to india i will try to connect via finnair. this is a great gesture by the people of finland and will generate a lot of indian interest in finland.

  41. Vipin Bansal wrote on :

    What a wonderful concept and nice foray into the minds of passenger. Wish I could have enjoy it. next time it would be Finnair for my travel.
    Nice concept and thanks for the passion

  42. Varadarajan Krishnamurthy wrote on :

    Salute to the spirit of fellowship. The ensemble of musical performance underlines the sublime solidarity that the modern ‘global village’ should cherish and promote and strive through culture to strengthen fellowship and harmony.

  43. Srini Balemarthy wrote on :

    The Video was really good. Thanks a lot for putting so much effort as tribute to Indian Republic day . You guys danced so well , it was really heart warming. You have won me and my whole family as customer !!!.

    Great job .Wishing you all the best !!

  44. Mike Moulton wrote on :

    I really enjoyed your video and what makes it even more exciting IS the fact that it’s not Air India. Well done!!!!! BTW, I was looking at FinnAir for a trip to Manchester but the delay in Helsinki made it too long for the time I had available. Next time.

  45. I am a global traveller. I mostly take Qatar or Emirates airways. After looking at this, next time I will definitely want to travel in Finnair.

  46. I was familiar with the movie and the song and loved the element of surprise! I fly to India yearly and would have loved to be a passenger on this flight. It’s such a catchy tune. As I watched it more than once, I realized the significance of the orange handkerchiefs at the end of the dance which represent flames of fire in the movie. Very well done! Very creative!

  47. Kudos Helena! You and your team have won millions of Indian Bollywoody hearts with this unmatchable gesture! Thank you from all of us here…Finair Rocks!

  48. Because of rampant corruption and mis-governance there was nothing to celebrate on the 63rd Republic Day of India. But you dancing-prancing-smiling-singing beauties of Finnair reminded us that even in a cramped space of life one can enjoy.

    I am a world traveler, author (40 books), holistic health expert (see my website: http://www.healthwisdom.org). I have lectured in 65 countries.

    However, so far I have not taken Finnair because it does not fly to Bombay (Mumbai). After seeing this, on my next tour abroad, I will tell my travel agent to book me via Delhi to be on Finnair.

    I am also sending this link to our Prime Minister, who has forgotten to smile. Maybe, after seeing it he will resign and India can sing and dance like you again. :)

    Thanks ladies. Om Shanti, Om.

    PS: On public demand, I will be contesting Indian Presidential elections due in July 2012. If I am elected, I will invite you to have dinner with me and the first lady.

  49. … as a media producer for Indian music culture (Indian Classics, Indian Electronic music) with radio shows since 2006 being broadcasted in Austria, Germany and Switzerland I am really thrilled having found this video and your posting.

    1st I have watched the video on youtube just found it accidentally…. I thought: Oh, another misuse of cultural values by the advertising fuzzies (so we call the creative directors/key accounts of advertising agentices in Germany) just to create a cool image for a company brand.

    But it looks real…. its not just a fake video I suppose. Thats the good part beside the happyness everyone must feel listening bollywood tunes or watching BW dance scenes (which can be very crazy in Swiss Alpes or rainy monsoon).

    In times of world recession, madness about hunting behind profit rates and missing humanity in times of neo-capitalism, world recession, bank crisis, EURO crisis (and some other crisis like climate change) this clip gives (little bit) hope… as we all live in one world… our modern life is enriched (so fare we allow it by an open minded attitude) being connected in our multi-ethnical societies… learn from each other, share with each other… competing the huge challenges to safe this planet and to enjoy some few moments of happyness.

    Its up to us human beings to learn what it means a “peacfully living together on one planet”. Under this aspect the promo video clip and the people behind gets my applaus.

    Tks making it possible. Warm greetings from Hamburg, North Germany.

  50. Vaibhav Sarin wrote on :

    This was something really out of the blue which has been done. My heartiest congratulations to the Finnair Inflight Team who went ahead and put up a superb performance :) We all can proudly say that we want more….

  51. That’s a wonderful surprise indeed! This shows that Bollywood is not only unifying India, it’s having an impact all over the world. Now it’s Indians turn to sing and dance for Fins. Thanks, Finnair for blurring the borders between the countries. After all, we are citizens of the world!

  52. the words would simply fall short for appreciation of this video u have created…hats off to helena n fin air for this brilliant concept…even having countless airlines from india none had this faintest of idea about this concept make indians happy like you have done…surely ahead of visit ahead in my future to europe i will commit to FINAIR…thanks for the video

  53. Sirish Patel wrote on :

    I am overwhelmed. This is amazing. I will definitely switch to Finnair wherever possible. Guys, increase your connectivity in India. We will fly with you…… Love you….. You make us feel so good……

  54. Amanda Sanchez wrote on :

    Truly incredible performance and idea. Even though the intent might not have been to capture one of the world’s fastest growing markets, you might have just done that. Good job, and seriously pro-active way of showing Europe can welcome diversity.

  55. Scott Peavey wrote on :

    Awesome!!! Put me on a FINNAIR Flight ASAP! Why can’t all flights be like this before take-off? Too much bitching and complaining these days from passengers and crew alike….. Awesome marketing ploy, I can’t stop watching this, and have even downloaded the song from iTunes! Way to go FINNAIR, you rock!!!! :-)

  56. Amazing and creative! I have not heard about Finnair before this video and that it even operated flights to India. Great example of marketing strategy and use of social media ! I will definitely look into a Finnair flight when I book my next trip to India!

  57. Sandip Banerjee wrote on :

    This don’t need to be Indian.. any song any music can lighten up the atmosphere. I think you should do this more often.. lovely to watch :)

    Thank you
    – Indian

  58. ellen olive wrote on :

    Awesome!!!!! :) I’m sad I wasn’t there to enjoy such a heartfelt celebration! Anyone who has complaints or issue with this is someone who is forever unhappy with himself; too bad. For the majority of us, you have endeared yourselves to those unfamiliar with Finnair and even more so with those who already know of your airline. I look forward to a time in which I can experience your airline firsthand. Thanks for sharing your sunshine with us!

  59. […] Zu Indiens Tag der Republik am 26. Januar findet alljährlich eine Militärparade in der Hauptstadt Neu-Delhi statt. Mit Soldaten in Paradeuniform, Kampffahrzeugschau, Schiffsparade und dem traditionellen Vorbeiflug der Jets. Doch hier erleben die Indien-Urlauber eine sehr viel weniger martialische Version des Festtages, als kurz nach dem Boarding im Flieger nach Delhi eine Tanztruppe durch die Reihen hüpft. Behind-the-scenes-Material dazu gibt es im Finnair-Blog. […]

  60. To All FINNAIR Staff, especially Darling Helena, Thank you all for such a touchy gesture. The clipping brought tears. Such an apt performance in such a limited space. God Bless & Take Good Care Of All Of You. Hope to meet you’ll to thank personally.

  61. You guys make me want to fly Finnair! Loved the video. Do you operate flights from Minneapolis to Mumbai? If you do, add me to your mailing list.

  62. Well done, Finnair crew, lovely thought and lovely show.
    And this reminds us why we love women, all of them.
    Strong, bright lovely ladies having fun. Well done, ladies :-)

  63. Helena Kaartinen wrote on :

    Good morning everybody!

    We all want to thank You for the words You have
    sent us.
    To be honest we didn`t expect anything like this
    so we are really touched and happy at this end!


  64. Hemant Kanakia wrote on :

    Awesome! Have to now travel Finnair whenever I can.
    Thanks you. Wish my adopted country’s airlines showed such sensitivity to other cultures. or, that my country of birth did so for other places they go to.

    Thank you for bringing a smile on this otherwise dreary flight I am having today.

  65. IF this performance represented Finnair values, it tells me that you are
    1) fun loving
    2) Aware of other people’s cultures
    3) Respect other cultures special day and show that respect using that culture’s own traditions.

    Thank you. Touched by this gesture.

  66. Congratulations to the choreographer/sand Finnair staff for showing that, in any business, action speaks louder than voice. Top marks for exemplifying the benefits of genuine, cultural exchange in globalization. The video offers an unexpected diversion from the dark clouds overhanging Europe with a spark of bright sunshine and color. Excellent exercise everyone.

  67. indrani robbins wrote on :

    thank you.
    on our republic day i had the pleasure of seeing the first indian woman to lead the air force contingent.
    and now this.
    what an idea.
    a true flight of imagination.
    hope you guys had lots of fun and soon you’ll be running around trees singing songs.

    paljon kiitoksia
    (hope i got that as right as you got those hindi film moves)

  68. Srinivas Karyampudi wrote on :

    Very nice & heart felt gesture by you all. It is very enjoyable
    appropriate to the occassion. You really care the country, its people & the culture. I am sure the whole nation is grateful for what you have done. It is the love that counts, there is only one language that is the language of love.
    Helena you made your country proud.

  69. Parminder Singh wrote on :

    Hi Team,

    I really congratulate you for producing this excellent heart touching event on your flight.My entire family is your fan now including 3 year old doughter who always insist on watching this performance on daily basis.

    Suggestion :- Please ask your marketing director not to spend anything on marketing after this performance as you have won many future customers already including me.

    I really hope bright future for your team and country.

    Parminder Singh

  70. Guys….excellent peice of marketing initiative, u have got mileage u derserve for being creative…..hats off…next time will fly Finnair for sure….

  71. Ruby Fleurs wrote on :

    Your an amazing surprise dance video has been watched more than four million times on YouTube! Awesome! :)
    The next time I will fly to “blue and white wings”.

  72. Hriday Pandey wrote on :

    Congratulations, Finnair.You have stolen a march over other airlines serving India-Europe route.I travel to Delhi from London-LHR, but never considered Finnair because of the long time Finnair flight takes to travel from London to Delhi. Wish Finnair success.

  73. my god., what a work of art. trust me- your bollywood gig has the power to increase your marketshare from india manyfold if used correctly. Youve understood the indian market by doing that. make full use of it ! that lady who suggested it is a genius!

  74. Jais George wrote on :

    It’s Great to see the respect that u showed towards indian culture and it’s the best way of recognising Indian culture…Congrats.. Finnair Team

  75. Yogesh Thakur wrote on :

    Hi FinAir…..what a tribute to world’s largest democracy in such a stylish way …..loved your gesture …..and each one of you was there with whole heart…..u have won our hearts FIn AIr…..hope entire world nudist ands meaning of love and peace!!!!!

  76. Thanks FinAir Management & lovely & wonderful Crew members , you make feel as World has come close & united to your home celebrations . That’s really wonderful & off beat gesture !! surely will priorities flying with you !!

  77. Thanks so much for this inspiring read, and the beautiful dancing we get to enjoy now. I love to see the service others do to help bring smiles and joy to people you don’t know, and everything. Thanks so much!

  78. Sheila Gawande wrote on :

    I am touched by the beautiful gesture! I have been flying internationally for over 25 years and am always appaled by how some European and American airlines treat indian passengers. I always felt – so we are not as rich or as ‘travel savy’ as european or american travellers. But we are people too and have paid the same price as others to get onboard.
    But this gesture by Finnair is super sensitive and lovely. I will remember this when my next travel comes along. Thank you Finnair! You rock! :)

  79. Kirit Udeshi wrote on :

    I am so glad Finnair did this. I really enjoyed seeing the video and also reading the story behind it. In this hard time, it is glad to see an airline trying to reach out to other people thru such a wonderful gesture of celebrating India’s republic day with this beautiful dance. Great job. Next time I fly to India will be on Finn Air. Thanks.

  80. Helena Kaartinen wrote on :

    I say KIITOS ( = Thank you in Finnish) to all of you for these

    Manish Gawde ( our choreographer) makes it this way:
    ” Aaap sabko mera bahut sara pyaar aur ek bar firse

  81. almas sayed wrote on :

    Finnair is the best airline i Have flown and you guys Have made mark by thanking the bollywood dance on 26 jan.Great marketing guys people r asking to for on finnair from Bombay.Virgin Atlantic is resuming Bombay service from October 28 ,Finnair should not give the lead to any owner european airline.Please start flying to Bombay. guys Now is the time.We miss you.

  82. John Brannen wrote on :

    This just brings a smile to my face every time I watch it.Just amazing…and what a reflection of the great spirit at Finnair :-)

  83. It is so nice of them, they respected and did a beautiful dance in limited place.And it is
    on Republic day,awesome. This shows Bollywood dance has made it’s impact, represents colorful India.

    • Helena Kaartinen wrote on :

      Thank you Hans!
      My collaguage once said that the hospitality is the connection between Indians allover India. I think he is right.
      This year I have learned that also Bollywood lives in every Indian.:)

  84. i found this vibrant loely video just now ( 9-Feb-2013)

    whatever it is,marketing strategy or business mentality…one thing is clear,the world loves Bollywood songs,music and dance…

    i love finnair.


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